Pageclip – A Server for Your HTML Forms

Data collection is important to statisticians who need to analyze the data and deduce useful information; developers who need to get feedback from users on how enjoyable their products are to use; teachers who need to carry out census of students and whatever complaints they have, etc. The list goes on.

Seeing how convenient it can be to use services that are cloud-based wouldn’t it be nice if you could collect form data in the cloud as easily as creating a new HTML document? Well, Pageclip has come to the rescue.

Pageclip is an online platform with which you can gather information from users using HTML forms without a server.

The information you collect can be received via Slack, Email, JSON, or CSV and all you need to do is point your forms at Pageclip or to use its API to send data to your site.

As the service website has rightfully put it, you can use Pageclip to

Collect info from users without a server — Pageclip is your server. Lead capture forms, surveys, newsletter forms, contact forms, etc…

The beauty of it all is that you can setup any form in seconds.

Features in Pageclip

  • Freemium service with 3 paid packages: Basic, Pro, and Agency.
  • Capture emails for a Newsletter.
  • Setup custom contact forms on your website for visitors to interact with.
  • Suppport for Emojis and Unicode characters.
  • Build custom survey forms on anywhere on your website while maintaining your brand design and elements.
  • A comprehensive online documentation for beginners and pros alike.

Pageclip will work anywhere HTML forms work and that includes services like Unbounce, Javascript-run Jekyll sites on GitHub Pages, and hosted sites on Amazon’s S3 or Dropbox. All you need now is creativity!

Plans & Pricing

Pageclip starts as a free service for users who need a single form on a single site and a maximum of 1,000 data points.

Upgrades include:

  • Basic: which features A single site, unlimited forms, and a maximum of 20,000 data points in total for $9.
  • Pro: which features unlimited sites, unlimited forms, and a maximum of 100,000 data points for $19.
  • Agency: which features unlimited sites, unlimited forms, and unlimited data points for $49.

There is an option to allow multiple users access a shared organization account but like the above 3 paid packages, it isn’t free and you will have to contact the Pageclip for pricing.

The bottom line is if collecting information is what you need to do then Pageclip is probably your most convenient call and you can give it a test drive by signing up for its free version.

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If you find the service efficient enough and you have a couple of extra boxes to drop, don’t hesitate to because it will help the developers do a better job.

Are you already a Pageclip user? Or are you familiar with alternative services? Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.

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