Station – A Smart Workstation for All Your Apps

If you have been following our posts then you must have come across Franz and Trello – apps that combine several web services like WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, Trello, etc into a single application with the feature to launch each service as tabs in a bid to eliminate the need to switch between all the apps that you would have opened independently on your desktop.

Today, we bring you a similar app and this one is bold enough to tag itself the “first smart workstation for busy people“. It goes by the name of Station, a free web app that combines all your web apps in one neat & productive User Interface.

Station features a bright color scheme with a minimalist design approach to its icons, text, panels, and toolbars.

It has a unified search feature with which you can search for text across all your integrated applications at once, a bookmark feature to remind you of areas you want to return to at later times, and the ability to improve your workflow and performance by being memory and battery friendly.

Check out a demo of Station in action below:

Features in Station

  • Free: Station is free to use.
  • A beautiful, intuitive, and minimalist User Interface.
  • A smart dock that houses application icons.
  • Unified search feature to find text blocks quickly across all integrated applications.
  • A notification center to keep you updated and on time.
  • Option to turn off notifications using Focus mode.
  • Bookmark sections of your work to return to them later.
  • Contains 300+ apps including WhatsApp, Google Docs, Sheets, etc., Twitter, Slack, Trello, Gmail, etc right out of the box.
  • Users can request for applications to be added.

In my opinion, Station is the best all-in-one app available in the market. And it’s free!

Granted, it doesn’t have an inbuilt password manager or multiple instances of an account e.g. separate Twitter accounts within the app; but these are issues that will be fixed in the next few updates.

Not Available for Linux Yet

Oh, before I forget to mention – Station isn’t available for Linux users just yet. Could this be because developers for Linux distros are difficult to lay hands on? I don’t think so. But whatever the case might be it will be a thing of joy when everybody can enjoy Station.

Till then, only our Windows and Mac readers will be able to use it – you win some and you lose some. As soon as there is a version for Linux, FossMint will be the first to let you know.

With that being said, there are 300+ already integrated apps in Station and remember that you can request for app additions at any time.

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If you don’t already use Station which all-in-one app do you use? And will you consider giving Station a try? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “Station – A Smart Workstation for All Your Apps”

  1. I would have loved to try Station on my Win10 machine (would have preferred to run it under Linux even more), but the program chrashes at startup complaining about a missing precompiled app.html. The error has been known in the community-forums for some time but noone has reacted to it 🙁


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