Wavebox – A Desktop Client for Gmail, Outlook and More

Wavebox (formerly WMail) is a free, open source, and cross-platform GUI desktop client for Gmail and Inbox with features like native desktop notifications and support for multiple accounts. It is built using Electron as a wrapper for Gmail and Inbox and each account can be set to have its individual notification settings and unread email list in the tray.

Wavebox, after changing their name from WMail, added more support than just email. It now supports using Outlook, Trello, Office 365, Slack, & any Web link you enter into its window. Just don’t forget, though, that it is an electron wrapper and cannot be used offline.

Features in Wavebox

  • Free to use and Open source with source code available on Github.
  • Google Services integration
  • Integrations with Microsoft Services
  • Google Docs & Office editing
  • Sleeping tabs to minimize memory consumption
  • 43+ Dictionaries
  • Supercharged Google Notifications
  • Automatic updates on macOS & Windows
  • Signed Binaries for easier install & added security
  • Support for Drag & drop, spell checking, and custom account images,
  • Read counts and App Indicator

Wavebox looks a lot to me like ManageyumRambox, and other similar apps so it might ultimately be down to preference if you’re thinking of which you should over the others. I have high-end specs on my PC and so I don’t know how much of your memory it will hog. You will just have to try it out for yourself to see.

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Give the refurbished Wavebox a test drive and don’t forget to return to share your experience with us on the topic in the comments section.

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