Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak Release Schedule Revealed

We were only starting to relieve ourselves of Xenial Xerus’s release but Canonical doesn’t want to get off the press just yet as Mark Shuttleworth announced the codename for the Ubuntu 16.10 operating system (the same day) scheduled for launch in the later part of the year – specifically October 20, 2016.

Ubuntu 16.10 is a short-term support cycle of just 9 months (like the .10s) before it and it’s codenamed “Yakkety Yak” which is just about as sexy as it sounds.

Apparently, the Ubuntu devs are not resting on their laurels ands are already hard at work on Yakkety Yak; according to the release schedule on Ubuntu’s wiki, a final Beta should be ready by the 22nd of September, followed by a kernel freeze on the 6th of October, final freeze on the 13th before the final release which is slated for unveiling 7 to 9 days later.

Currently there’s isn’t so much to see from the daily build ISO which has no distinct difference from Xenial Xerus asides the 16.10 tag of course.

Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth hasn’t released any details regards the feature set of Yakkety Yak but if we were to go with previous speculations, it is most likely that Ubuntu’s Convergence will be one of the prominent features to make it to this release or at best, be ready for proper testing which is the least we expect.

Given that Microsoft’s Continuum is maturing fast, it will only be wise for Canonical to official ship Yakkety Yak Convergence ready.

Since it’s still in its very early stages, we couldn’t possibly deduce its future; however, we’ll be sure to update you once we find out more. So keep it tuned to Tecmint News!

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