Social Media Apps Of 2021 For Brand Marketing

We are sure you must be already on some social media giants in pursuit of improving your business marketing strategies. Social media platforms are indeed a great way to reach out to a massive audience out there. Therefore, the more platforms you are on, the better the chances of you connecting with the audience.

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Through this post, we will introduce you to some impressive social media platforms which you must check out to improve your business and in case, you are not on any of these giants, consider creating an account soon and give a turning point to your business!

1. Facebook

Facebook has gained huge popularity and it’s one of the widest used social media platforms that needs no introduction at all! Suitable for organic and paid marketing, Facebook is one of the most used platforms to make a purchase. It is equipped with numerous features that not just let you connect with friends but also initiate live videos and post stories.

You can use organic content for brand marketing or scan the Facebook user base for effective marketing. Also, Facebook is on its way to prioritize shopping using Facebook shops.

Facebook - Brand Marketing App
Facebook – Brand Marketing App

2. YouTube

YouTube is our second choice due to its popularity and user base. This social media app is the largest video platform and second-largest search engine followed by Google.

YouTube is a great way for your brand marketing by establishing the brand with big marketing agencies. It’s been greatly noted that the products advertised on YouTube have 70% selling potential due to being bought by its users.

YouTube - Social Media App
YouTube – Social Media App

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3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s number one messaging app that has also been reported as the world’s favorite app! Occupied by Facebook, WhatsApp is home to 50 million businesses due to its attractive and engaging features such as customer service conversations and advertisement of products in a catalog.

Plus, Facebook of lately announced that brands using WhatsApp Business App will be seamlessly able to create Instagram and Facebook ads that will let the user initiate a conversation by just clicking on “click to WhatsApp”.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger

4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a standalone app owned by Facebook, which is to be downloaded separately to get through the chat and messages. It possesses many ads like inbox ads, sponsored messages, etc. that link the user contacts from Instagram and Facebook, letting customers easily message brands for services.

This app features greetings, auto-replies, and away messages for effective customer relationships.

Facebook Messenger - Text and Video Chat
Facebook Messenger – Text and Video Chat

5. Instagram

Instagram is another excellent social media platform owned by none other than the giant Facebook. This platform started as a photo-sharing platform but with passing years, it has also stepped into the world of social commerce or e-commerce.

Instagram can be called a virtual shopping site as it houses plenty of features to help your business expand and make impressive sales. However, don’t forget to make a strong virtual stand on this platform to improve the user base for better sales.

Instagram - Social Brand Marketing App
Instagram – Social Brand Marketing App

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6. WeChat

WeChat is known commonly for chatting but it has much more to offer. This Chinese dominant app allows the users to message, make video calls, use government services, play games, call rideshares, do the shopping and lots more. The app is well known when it comes to businesses and sales and makes a great choice for those interested in expanding their business in the China market.

WeChat - Communication App
WeChat – Communication App

7. Linked In

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has recently seen popularity when the users and brands started approaching it as a great platform for business marketing due to the hefty number of a professional and educated population.

LinkedIn marketing can be a super-secret for those into B2B marketing and brand switch professional users due to features like organic content, product pages, LinkedIn Live plus, and LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn - Business News and Networking
LinkedIn – Business News and Networking

8. Tik Tok

Tik Tok might be blocked in several countries but it is still one of the busiest social media platforms! This short video making platform is famous amongst the young population and uses a unique algorithm to attract an audience. However, this app can be extremely confusing for brands due to intimidation of what kind of content to post and how to work with Tik Tok influencers.

Tik Tok
Tik Tok

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9. Douyin

Douyin was created before the emergence of TikTok. This Chinese version of the famous short video app is quite popular when it comes to users. This platform can be a bright chance to reach out to the youth in China for business progress and sales.

Douyin - Chinese Version Short Video App
Douyin – Chinese Version Short Video App

10. QQ

QQ is China’s second-largest messaging platform owned by Tencent, a tech giant in China. It features text and voice messaging, audio and video calling, group creation option with other interactive features like music, games and shopping.

Primarily used by the younger generation, this developed channel is decent for e-commerce and advertising options.

QQ - Social Media App By Tencent
QQ – Social Media App By Tencent

11. Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is just like Twitter, a Chinese version though! This well-known and oldest microblogging channel of China has many competitors. It has powerful back-end advertising, lottery contests as well as established influencer channels as features.

Sina Weibo - Microblogging Channel
Sina Weibo – Microblogging Channel

12. Telegram

Though Telegram is a messaging app, its massive user base gives it a social media platform feel due to providing features like large group chats and public one-to-many channels. This privacy-oriented platform is soon going to anoint an ad platform while the brands can take an opportunity to build a user base in the meanwhile. It will offer some of the functionalities like broadcast and group channels, organic awareness using chatbots, etc.

Telegram - Messaging App
Telegram – Messaging App

13. Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun filter-based app, which is used majorly by young gentry. This platform is a decent decision for those who are looking ahead to get attention from Gen Z using Snapchat ads and business.

SnapChat - Social Media
SnapChat – Social Media

14. QZone

QZone is yet another app from the house of Tencent with an endless user base in China. This social media platform can be customized and lets the users share blog posts, videos, and photos.

QZone - Social Media Platform
QZone – Social Media Platform

15. Kuaishou

Kuaishou is also known as Kwai in China, which is a short video-making platform developed by Tencent. This tool directly competes with TikTok and also offers live streaming. It lets users buy in-app products from the influencers who Livestream while also letting the users send virtual gifts to influencers. Brands such as NBA, Volkswagen, etc. can be found on Kwai.

KuaiShou - Video Photo Downloader
KuaiShou – Video Photo Downloader

16. Pinterest

Pinterest is a humongous social media platform housing data relevant to multiple niches. This modern yet independent platform gives brands a chance to advertise their content related to life events. With its positive market reputation and faith of users, it is a must-have from e-commerce and brand marketing.

Pinterest - Humongous Social Media Platform
Pinterest – Humongous Social Media Platform

17. Reddit

Reddit is owned by Conde Nast and it is constantly seeking new users while rolling out new features. It operates based on various niches to gain the attention of the audience and increase the user base. However, you cannot completely rely on Reddit for hardcore sales, influencer marketing and branded content. But, you can rely on the ads platform to take their business up.

Reddit - Home to Thousands Communities
Reddit – Home to Thousands Communities

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18. Twitter

Well, you don’t always need a vast user base when name recognition is enough to attract the audience. Twitter is one such example that might not have a heavy user base but its name is heard far and beyond by many. The lion’s share of the population you will find here is related to politics, journalism, and the entertainment industry. Talking of its use for marketing, organic Twitter marketing, and its great ad and customer service platform can gauge a large audience base.

Twitter - Microblogging and Social Networking Service
Twitter – Microblogging and Social Networking Service

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19. Quora

You might be familiar with Quora if you have been searching for answers related to a specific niche. Just like Quora, it is another question and answer site that takes a steep position in the SERPs. This user-friendly platform has endless advertising options with features like promoted answers including content sharing capabilities for blog posts.

Quora - Question and Answer Website
Quora – Question and Answer Website

20. VKontakte

A copy of Facebook, VKontakte has a platform enriched with millennial users. Therefore, it is nothing less than a pool of publicity that features everything related to eCommerce and brand awareness when it comes to brand marketing.

VKontakte - Live Chatting and Free Calls
VKontakte – Live Chatting and Free Calls

For establishing your online business, marketing is foremost. These 20 social media apps of 2021 will ensure the best way to take your brand a few steps ahead of any other marketing strategy.

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