The Best Voice Chat Apps for PC Gaming

Gone are those days when video games just used to be video games wherein you and your gaming partner had to be physically present with each other to play with each other. But, with the turning point in the field of technology, things have changed immensely. Yes, video games too!

Since the time video games have gone online, the entire perspective of the group playing or playing with the partner has changed. You do not have to be physically present with your team or partner to play games as you get this built-in feature in all the latest and upgraded PC/video games to interact with your partner or team related to game strategy and plan.

However, these built-in interaction systems are not that great therefore, you require some capable chat application or software that will provide clear and flawless communication to win the game.

Through this article, we will walk you through some of the best voice chat apps for PC games. Just follow this post to know all!

1. Mumble

Mumble VoIP application is equipped with encryption so that your data is always secure. This application offers low latency audio streaming so that there are minimum lags during the chat. The positional sound support provided by this app gives a more realistic feel to the players.

Mumble app gives a number of permissions to the admin which can be used to manage all the users on the server. Besides, this app lets the players use middleware called “Ice” to get additional features like channel viewers, web interfaces, authenticators and so on.


2. Discord

Discord a free chat service allows the players to chat with the other members using this application through text and voice both. This app is available as a web server so that players can join and start interacting.

Discord has a lot to offer when it comes to features, it lets the players use in-game overlay and create custom hotkeys. The overlay feature allows the players to have flawless communication with the other players and also fix individual volume levels for each player.

Additionally, Discord also provides DDoS and IP protection so that you do not have to worry about DDoSing.


3. Riot

Riot an open-source voice chat application allows bridging the communication gap between the team players. It provides end to end encryption to chats and calls so that your data remains safe, even from the admin of the server.

The app has been built with Matrix that allows others to chat with you using Matrix. Besides, you can also use integration, bots, and many other services offered by the global open source Matrix.


4. Steam Chat

Steam Chat provides a great option to rely on when it comes to voice communication. This free of cost option allows you to make your groups with your friends and team players. It gives an option to let users share unique URLs which can be clicked to join the group instantly.

The function of the chat admin is to set roles for each member of the group, manage group information/data and set restrictions, etc. Besides, this application comes with a web client that can be used if you have Steam on your system already.

Steam Chat
Steam Chat

5. TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak is yet another voice chat application for video games that is equipped with Opus codec just like Discord. The app offers many functionalities to the admin, it allows the admin to use control and manage servers.

This application works on AES encryption, enabled by the admin, the function of AES is to provide security to the communication and interaction process. The best part about this encryption is that it provides not only server-wide encryption but also to specific conversations.

TeamSpeak is gathered with many customization options related to designs, themes, servers and sound packs etc. This server makes a great choice for large servers with many people.


6. Overtone

Overtone is another brilliant application for game chatting which connects all the players playing games. The application comes with simple features based on Vivox integrated voice chat service used by many famous games like PUBG, Fortnite and League of Legends etc.

Overtone application makes use of some system resources and it’s pretty easy to set up. This free to use app includes all necessary features like text and voice chat. Besides, Overtone houses some social features that allow you to connect with those who are having similar interests as yours when it comes to gaming.


7. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is usually taken as a sophisticated video conferencing tool but it can also be utilised for gaming. It lets you make free video calls to others who are using hangouts while also allowing video conferencing to a total of 10 members.

Though this application is equipped with all the features, it doesn’t make a great choice when it comes to gaming due to no quality optimization. It doesn’t have an option of “push to talk” and also no persistence between calls.

google hangout
google hangout

8. Skype

Although Skype is not really considered a specialist for online gaming, it comes with a voice chat option due to which it can be used for gaming purposes. It offers a wide availability across the range of operating systems which implies that it can be used by gamers and other team members.

Skype allows the gamers to drag and drop friends to a group/team chat and make a call while the software is still running during the gaming session. However, you may have to bear with the voice quality as it is usually bad and buggy,


The success mantra for any online team game is the flawless communication between the team members and for that to happen you need a topnotch voice chat application. We have curated this list of 8 best voice chat apps for PC gaming which will help you communicate better with your team during the gaming session. So, choose the application which suits you and your team the best!

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