The 10 Best Programming Fonts for Developers

Looking for the best programming fonts? Well, your search ends here as this list of top 10 programming fonts will get you introduced to some of the best available fonts for programming. Just follow this post to know more!

1. Fira Code

Fira Code is one of the most liked fonts by the developers. It is based on a special programming ligature by Fira Mono typeface from Mozilla. It is a great choice for those who particularly like to use a combination of letters such as “æ” including diphthongs.

With Fira code, you get the best and improved ability to scan through your code accompanied by ligatures for arrow functions, equality, and more.

Fira Code - Programming Font
Fira Code – Programming Font

2. Input

Input is yet another famous programming font that is distinguished by levels of customizations starting from varying widths, alternative letterforms, line heights, and so on. Input offers a highly readable option even in the default state. But, it lacks ligature support.

However, there are some benefits of using this font such as reading comfort, easy spotting of typos, and refined differentiation among font styles and code.

Input - Programming Font
Input – Programming Font

3. Source Code Pro

Source Code Pro comes with the design features and proportions of Source Sans, however, it twists the glyph widths to maintain the uniformity through the weights and glyphs.

Designed specifically for the coding environment, the source code pro characters are easy to read and have consistent widths to prevent breaking of words. It is equipped with bigger punctuation marks and perceptible programming symbols which will make your programming experience even better.

Source Code Pro - Programming Font
Source Code Pro – Programming Font

4. DejaVu Sans Mono

Equipped with most of the Unicode, DejaVu Sans Mono programming font provides access to a range of special and mathematical symbols like operators, arrows, and special alphabets, etc. It makes an excellent choice for languages that need special characters such as Agda.

Besides, the editor modes in it show characters without any change in the syntax highlighting and underlying file.

DejaVu Sans Mono - Programming Font
DejaVu Sans Mono – Programming Font

5. Inconsolata-g

Inconsolata-g monospace font makes an ideal choice for printed code listings and alike. It is influenced by many sources and inspirations. Besides, it is simple to use but lacks ligatures.

Inconsolata-g - Programming Font
Inconsolata-g – Programming Font

6. Menlo

Menlo is a latest and default font for macOS Xcode and the terminal is inherited from DejaVu Sans Mono. it comes with easy to read characters which have uniform widths throughout the weights to prevent work breaking.

It makes a great choice for those who have to sit straight for a few hours and stare at the programming code.

Menlo - Programming Font
Menlo – Programming Font

7. Anonymous Pro

Anonymous Pro is designed especially keeping coding in mind. These four fixed-width fonts design comes with different shapes to easily distinguish the context of the source code.

Its features include an international Unicode character set that supports europian, Greek, Western, and Cyrillic languages. Additionally, it has special Box-drawing characters for those who require them.

Anonymous Pro - Programming Font
Anonymous Pro – Programming Font

8. Iosevka

Iosevka font comes with CJK characters of double width that use slashed zero by default. It is equipped with ligatures suited for functional programming languages like Haskell and Coq etc.

Its design is well suited for terminals as well as the variant Iosevka Fixed omits. Besides, it also includes OpenType features like character variants and stylistic sets.

Iosevka Font
Iosevka Font

9. Hack

Hack programming fonts are equipped with bold, italic, and regular sets that fulfill all of your syntax highlighting requirements. It has more than 1500 glyphs which include modern Greek, extended Latin, and Cyrillic character sets including the Powerline glyphs with no patching necessary. All you need to do is to install and go!

Hack Programming Font
Hack Programming Font

10. Ubuntu Mono

The Ubuntu Mono programming fonts come with smooth and appealing aesthetics. They offer excellent credibility by helping you get familiar with words and characters at the beginning only using shape, spacing, and line thickness, etc. it includes around 250 languages and 1200 glyphs.

Besides, the fonts have subpixel rendering and legibility.

Ubuntu Mono Font
Ubuntu Mono Font

Find the best programming font for yourself by following this list of top 10 programming fonts, which will make your programming experience better and promising!

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