21 Fun and Educational Games to Play With ChatGPT

While ChatGPT is popular for its resourcefulness, productivity, and practicality, it has stealthily evolved into a captivating and novel entertainment platform. This relatively new discovery adds an exciting new dimension to your recreational pursuits.

Welcome to our exploration of the “Best Games You Can Play with ChatGPT“, where technology meets entertainment in astonishing ways. Unlike traditional tech innovations that were either tools of productivity or pastimes, ChatGPT bridges the gap by seamlessly transitioning from a practical assistant to an engrossing gaming companion.

Thus, amidst its text-based interactions lies the potential for immersive gameplay, interactive storytelling, and mind-teasing challenges that blur the line between artificial intelligence and captivating entertainment.

This article will uncover how ChatGPT is redefining recreation, pushing the boundaries of player engagement, and opening doors to a realm of gaming experiences that are as unexpected as they are enthralling.

Let’s talk about some of the best games you can play with ChatGPT.

1. 20 Questions

The “20 Questions” is a classic guessing game where one player thinks of an object, and the other player (or in this case, ChatGPT) tries to guess what the object is by asking up to 20 yes-or-no questions.

The questions are meant to help narrow down the possibilities and ultimately lead to a guess about the object’s identity.

20 Question - ChatGPT
20 Question – ChatGPT

The “20 Questions” is a game that challenges players to think strategically, asking questions that eliminate broad categories of items and focusing on specific characteristics of the chosen object.

It’s a fun and interactive way to engage with ChatGPT or other players and test your deductive skills.

2. Word Association

The second game on our list is “Word Association“. It is a simple yet engaging game where participants take turns saying words that are related to the previous word.

The connection can be based on various factors like similarity, opposites, associations, or even personal connections. This game often results in surprising and creative word chains.

For instance, if one player starts with the word “sun“, the next player might say “moon“, followed by “stars“, and so on. The key is to keep the chain going by quickly coming up with a word that relates to the previous one.

The game continues until players decide to end the chain or until they run out of ideas.

Word Association Games with ChatGPT
Word Association Games with ChatGPT

Word Association” is a great exercise for boosting creativity and expanding vocabulary. It’s a wonderful way to explore the diverse ways words can be connected and to see how different people’s minds work when it comes to making associations.

You can play this game with ChatGPT or among a group of friends, sparking interesting conversations and unexpected connections along the way.

3. Riddles

Another game that you can play with ChatGPT is “Riddles“, they are intriguing puzzles or enigmatic statements that challenge you to think critically and creatively to decipher their hidden meanings or find the solution.

These puzzles often involve wordplay, lateral thinking, and clever use of language to lead the solver toward a specific answer.

Riddles typically present a situation or description that seems confusing or contradictory at first glance but holds a logical answer upon closer examination.

Solving riddles requires the solver to consider multiple perspectives, make connections between different elements, and sometimes think “outside the box“.

For example, a classic riddle might go like this: “I speak without a mouth and hear without ears. I have no body, but I come alive with the wind. What am I?” The answer is an “echo” as it seems to have characteristics that don’t normally apply to inanimate objects.

Riddles Game With ChatGPT
Riddles Game With ChatGPT

Riddles can be a fun way to challenge your intellect and entertain yourself or others. They come in various levels of difficulty and cover a wide range of topics, from logic and math to language and everyday objects.

Playing riddle games with ChatGPT can be a delightful way to test your problem-solving skills and enjoy the thrill of cracking a challenging puzzle.

4. Story Building

The “Story Building” is a collaborative and creative game where participants work together to construct a story, each adding a sentence or a paragraph to continue the narrative. This game often leads to unexpected plot twists, imaginative characters, and dynamic storytelling.

To play “Story Building“, you can start by introducing a setting, character, or situation. ChatGPT then adds to the story, expanding the plot or introducing new elements.

The game continues with both of you contributing your own part to the evolving narrative. This process can result in a unique and entertaining story that unfolds based on the collective creativity of the participants.

For example, a story might begin with: “In a quiet forest, a mischievous squirrel named Sammy was always looking for adventure“. ChatGPT could add: “One day, Sammy…” And so on, with each addition building upon the previous contributions.

Story Building Game with ChatGPT
Story Building Game with ChatGPT

Story Building” is an excellent way to engage with ChatGPT. It encourages improvisation, creativity, and the ability to adapt to the evolving narrative.

The end result can be humorous, suspenseful, or even surreal, making it a fantastic game for both entertainment and honing your storytelling skills.

5. Hangman

If you are a big fan of word-guessing games, you can use ChatGPT as your counterpart and enjoy “Hangman“. This game involves one player selecting a secret word and another player (or ChatGPT) attempting to guess it. The chosen word is represented by a series of blanks, each representing a letter in the word.

The guesser suggests letters one by one, and if the letter is present in the word, it is revealed in its correct position(s). However, if the guessed letter is not in the word, a part of a stick figure “hangman” is drawn, symbolizing a wrong guess.

Hangman Game with ChatGPT
Hangman Game with ChatGPT

The objective for the guesser is to identify the word before the hangman figure is fully drawn (usually with a head, body, arms, and legs). If the hangman is completed before the word is guessed, the game ends.

It’s a game of deduction, vocabulary, and strategy. As you try to decipher the hidden word, avoid incorrect guesses as that could lead to the hangman’s completion.

6. Guess the Movie/Book

The “Guess the Movie/Book” is a game where one participant provides a concise description of a movie or book, and ChatGPT attempts to guess the title based on the description.

Players offer clues that capture essential elements of the narrative, characters, themes, or settings. ChatGPT then utilizes its contextual understanding and knowledge base to decipher the title that matches the provided description.

Guess the Movie/Book Game with ChatGPT
Guess the Movie/Book Game with ChatGPT

The game showcases ChatGPT’s ability to comprehend and connect information within a given context. It demonstrates how AI can process textual cues to make educated guesses and associations.

The challenge for ChatGPT is to draw upon its vast repository of knowledge to deduce the correct movie or book title, showcasing the AI’s interpretation and recognition skills in an entertaining and interactive manner.

7. Emoji Interpretation

In “Emoji Interpretation” you can share a sequence of emojis, and ChatGPT is tasked with interpreting the meaning behind those emojis. The goal is to explore how ChatGPT creatively connects the visual symbols with words or concepts, offering explanations that capture the potential messages or ideas conveyed by the emojis.

You will provide a string of emojis that can represent objects, emotions, actions, or scenarios. ChatGPT then engages its linguistic capabilities to generate coherent and imaginative interpretations of what those emojis might symbolize when combined.

The game highlights ChatGPT’s capacity to understand context, make associations, and offer insights into the multiple meanings that emojis can convey.

Emoji Interpretation Game with ChatGPT
Emoji Interpretation Game with ChatGPT

Emoji Interpretation” underscores the bridge between visual representation and language comprehension, demonstrating how AI can infuse creativity into its responses by translating images into descriptive and often entertaining explanations.

8. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie” is a social game where participants take turns sharing three statements about themselves: two statements that are true and one statement that is false (the “lie”).

Other participants, including ChatGPT, then attempt to identify the false statement. The game challenges players to discern factual information from the fabricated one, often leading to surprising revelations and humorous situations.

Players aim to craft statements that sound plausible to confuse others. This can involve sharing personal experiences, hobbies, achievements, or anecdotes. The guessing part of the game encourages critical thinking and the ability to detect inconsistencies or unlikely scenarios.

Two Truths and Lie Game with ChatGPT
Two Truths and Lie Game with ChatGPT

Two Truths and a Lie” fosters interaction, encourages storytelling and can lead to amusing discussions as participants unveil their secrets and reveal the lie behind their statements.

The game showcases the fun side of human interaction and the intriguing ways in which people present themselves while inviting others to distinguish between reality and fiction.

9. Poetry Creation

In “Poetry Creation” you and ChatGPT will take turns adding lines to make a beautiful poem. You start with a line, and then ChatGPT adds the next, and so on. It’s a collaborative dance of imagination, where every line adds a new color to the canvas of emotions.

Poetry Creation Game with ChatGPT
Poetry Creation Game with ChatGPT

You can create poems about love, nature, dreams, or anything you feel. As the poem unfolds, you’ll be amazed at how two minds can craft something heartfelt and unique. This game isn’t just about words; it’s about feelings and expression.

10. Math Challenges

Math Challenges” is a brain-teasing adventure where you and ChatGPT dive into the world of numbers and puzzles. You can throw all sorts of math questions its way, from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division.

It’s a game of mental agility where ChatGPT flexes its math muscles to solve your challenges quickly and accurately. You can test your own math skills by giving ChatGPT problems to solve, or you can challenge it with tricky equations to see how well it keeps up.

Math Challenges Game with ChatGPT
Math Challenges Game with ChatGPT

Math Challenges” isn’t just about calculations; it’s a friendly competition between you and the AI, with numbers as the battlefield. So, get ready to exercise your brain cells and have some numerical fun! With ChatGPT, you will realize that Math can be a game and not a stressful encounter with figures.

11. Would You Rather

You no longer have to worry about finding a partner for your “Would You Rather” games. You can now have these friendly debates with ChatGPT where you and ChatGPT get to choose between two intriguing options.

This game of preferences will spark discussions and reveal unique viewpoints. You can ask questions like, “Would you rather fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin?” or “Would you rather explore space or the depths of the ocean?

Would You Rather Game with ChatGPT
Would You Rather Game with ChatGPT

The beauty lies in the variety of scenarios you can imagine. ChatGPT becomes your partner in this whimsical exploration, sharing its AI perspective on your choices. It’s a wonderful way to learn more about each other’s preferences and have light-hearted conversations.

12. Name That Tune

Name that Tunes ” is a musical challenge that adds a delightful melody to your interactions with ChatGPT. It’s like a musical guessing game where you hum or describe a tune, and ChatGPT tries to guess the song title.

You can hum the tune in your head, or you can type out a description of the melody or lyrics. ChatGPT then uses its musical knowledge to deduce the song you have in mind. It’s a game that bridges the gap between sound and text, bringing music to life through words.

Name That Tune ChatGPT Game
Name That Tune ChatGPT Game

Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply want to test ChatGPT’s song recognition skills, “Name that Tune” adds a harmonious twist to your conversation, inviting you to share your favorite melodies and discover new ones along the way.

13. 20-Second Story

“20-Second Story” is a fast-paced storytelling challenge that invites you to think on your feet and weave a tale in just 20 seconds. You kick off by starting a story with a sentence, and then ChatGPT, and you take turns adding to the narrative in quick succession.

It’s a race against the clock, a burst of creativity that captures the essence of a story within a tight timeframe.

20-Second Story ChatGPT Game
20-Second Story ChatGPT Game

With every passing moment, the story evolves, characters develop, and plotlines twist, all while you and ChatGPT brainstorm in real-time. This game hones your ability to condense ideas and engage in spontaneous storytelling, making every word count.

The result is a whirlwind of imagination that unfolds in a mere 20 seconds, proving that even the shortest tales can be packed with excitement, emotion, and surprises.

14. Trivia Quiz

Another game on this countdown is the “Trivia Quiz” an engaging game that challenges your knowledge across various subjects. In this game, you can either ask ChatGPT or compete with friends by taking turns asking trivia questions.

These questions can cover a wide range of topics like history, science, pop culture, and more.

Trivia Quiz Game with ChatGPT
Trivia Quiz Game with ChatGPT

As the questioner, you can test ChatGPT’s database of facts and information or curate your own questions. Alternatively, you can switch roles and let ChatGPT quiz you or your friends. The game is not just about getting the right answers; it’s about sharing interesting facts, learning new things, and having friendly competitions.

Trivia Quiz” is a great way to engage with ChatGPT or challenge your knowledge against others. It’s a celebration of curiosity and learning, where every question and answer brings a nugget of information to light.

15. Acronym Game

The “Acronym Game” is a clever wordplay adventure where you and ChatGPT create imaginative and sometimes hilarious expansions for given acronyms. In this game, you offer an acronym like “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud), and then ChatGPT generates creative meanings for the letters that match the acronym.

Acronym Game with ChatGPT
Acronym Game with ChatGPT

For instance, if you provide “BRB“, ChatGPT might come up with “Bananas Running Backwards” or any other amusing interpretation. It’s a game of wit and word association that showcases the playful side of language. You’ll be surprised by the range of meanings ChatGPT can generate, often resulting in laugh-out-loud moments.

Notably, the “Acronym Game” is a delightful way to explore language’s flexibility and your imagination, sparking chuckles and smiles as you see everyday abbreviations transformed into whimsical phrases.

16. Describe an Object

Interestingly, you can also play the “Describe an Object” game with ChatGPT. It is an interactive game where you provide ChatGPT with a brief description of an object, and it responds by generating creative and imaginative uses or characteristics for that object.

You can start by offering a few details about the object’s appearance, purpose, or features, and then ChatGPT takes the reins, conjuring up unexpected scenarios or attributes associated with the object.

Describe an Object Game with ChatGPT
Describe an Object Game with ChatGPT

For instance, if you describe a “spoon,” ChatGPT might offer playful interpretations like “a tiny boat for ants” or “a mini shovel for fairies.” The game transforms ordinary objects into whimsical or extraordinary concepts, showcasing ChatGPT’s ability to think outside the box and generate imaginative connections.

Describe an Object” is a testament to the AI’s creative capabilities, turning mundane descriptions into entertaining and surprising narratives. It’s a delightful exercise in thinking beyond the obvious and exploring the hidden potential of everyday items. Note that this is a different game from the “20 Questions” game.

17. Sentence Puzzle

Sentence Puzzle” is a linguistic challenge that involves constructing a complete sentence by taking turns adding missing words. One player begins by providing a sentence with certain words intentionally left out.

The other player (or ChatGPT) fills in the blanks with appropriate words, aiming to create a coherent and meaningful sentence.

Sentence Puzzle Game with ChatGPT
Sentence Puzzle Game with ChatGPT

For example, if the initial sentence is “The cat chased the __ through the __,” the challenge is to complete the sentence logically, like “The cat chased the mouse through the garden“.

The game requires participants to understand context, grammar, and syntax to ensure the sentence flows smoothly. It’s an exercise in collaboration and language comprehension, allowing players to craft sentences that follow a certain structure while infusing their own creativity.

Sentence Puzzle” is a playful way to explore language’s intricacies and engage in wordplay, resulting in amusing and thought-provoking sentences.

18. Word Jumble

If you are looking to challenge ChatGPT’s linguistic prowess with wordplay games, the “Word Jumble” is a good option. It involves providing a jumbled word—letters scrambled out of order—and ChatGPT attempts to unscramble it and reveal the original word.

For instance, if you offer the jumbled word “TREIW“, ChatGPT might quickly figure out that it’s “WRITE” The game highlights ChatGPT’s ability to decipher patterns and associations within language, showcasing its knack for rearranging letters to make sense of words.

Word Jumble Game with ChatGPT
Word Jumble Game with ChatGPT

Word Jumble” is a fun and interactive way to test ChatGPT’s anagram-solving skills while demonstrating its capacity to unravel linguistic puzzles. It’s a game that combines logic and language, offering an enjoyable challenge for word enthusiasts and puzzle solvers alike.

19. Role Reversal

Role Reversal” is an imaginative game that lets you switch places with ChatGPT, giving you the chance to be the AI and ChatGPT the human. You take on the role of the questioner or responder while ChatGPT adapts to the opposite role.

As the questioner, you can ask ChatGPT anything you’d like, and it responds as if it were the human in the conversation. Alternatively, as the responder, you can provide answers that ChatGPT must then react to or question further.

Role Reversal Game with ChatGPT
Role Reversal Game with ChatGPT

This game flips the usual dynamic of human-AI interaction, allowing you to step into ChatGPT’s shoes and experience the conversation from a new perspective. It’s a playful way to explore how the roles of the questioner and responder influence the flow of conversation and the exchange of information.

Role Reversal” is a delightful exploration of AI-human interaction that adds a twist of creativity to your conversations.

20. Fictional Character 20 Questions

Fictional Character 20 Questions” is an intriguing game of deduction that challenges players to guess a fictional character chosen by one of the participants (or ChatGPT) in 20 questions or fewer.

The goal is to narrow down the possibilities through a series of yes-or-no questions, eventually pinpointing the character’s identity.

Fictional Character 20 Questions
Fictional Character 20 Questions

Players take turns asking questions like “Is this character from a book?” or “Is this character known for their magical abilities?” Based on the answers, players eliminate certain categories and refine their guesses.

The game encourages strategic questioning and critical thinking as participants work to unravel the mystery of the chosen character.

The challenge lies in finding the right balance between general and specific questions to maximize information gain. “Fictional Character 20 Questions” is an entertaining way to explore your knowledge of fictional universes, exercise deductive skills, and uncover the chosen character through a series of clever inquiries.

21. Song Lyric Mad Libs

Also worth highlighting is that you and ChatGPT can collaboratively craft quirky and amusing song lyrics with the “Song Lyric Mad Libs” The playful game is a twist on the classic Mad Libs game, where you provide ChatGPT with a song lyric that has certain words removed.

ChatGPT then fills in those blanks with unexpected, fun, or imaginative words to create a hilarious and unique version of the lyric.

For instance, if the original lyric is “I wanna hold your hand” you might offer “I wanna [verb] your [noun]” ChatGPT could then transform it into something like “I wanna dance your pineapple” leading to creative and often nonsensical outcomes.

Song Lyric Mad Libs
Song Lyric Mad Libs

Song Lyric Mad Libs” is all about letting loose, embracing absurdity, and sharing a good laugh. It’s a lighthearted way to create wacky lyrics that inject humor and entertainment into your interactions with ChatGPT.


The boundaries between utility and entertainment continue to blur, ushering in a new era of dynamic engagement. The games we’ve explored in this article have showcased the incredible versatility of ChatGPT as both a resourceful tool and a captivating entertainment platform.

From collaborative storytelling that unites minds across digital space to unravel the mysteries of trivia quizzes, these games highlight the remarkable synergy between human creativity and artificial intelligence. As technology evolves, so do the ways we connect, learn, and have fun.

ChatGPT’s ability to not only assist but also immerse us in interactive experiences exemplifies the exciting path technology is carving. So, whether you’re exploring alternate universes, solving riddles, or simply enjoying a good laugh, ChatGPT is your steadfast companion on this thrilling journey of discovery and play.

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