14 Top Websites for Data Entry Jobs in 2024

Are you keen to the core and exhibit fast typing skills? If you just answered yes, then data entry jobs through websites can be a great option for you to make money without much skills.

Interestingly, many companies and individuals are seeking efficient ways to manage and process their data, creating ample opportunities for freelancers to earn money from home.

These jobs often involve entering or updating information into a database or spreadsheet and can be done on a freelance or part-time basis. Of course, they may also include transcribing documents.

As you will find out here, there are several reputable websites that connect skilled data entry professionals with businesses that need data entry services. These platforms can offer you a flexible way to earn income and hone your data entry skills.

What are Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry jobs are tasks that involve meticulously transferring information into a computer or database. These jobs can be done remotely or in person and can be part-time, full-time, or freelance.

  • Typing and Inputting Data: The first, and arguably the most common type of data entry task is being a keyboard whiz. This involves entering data from various paper documents, forms, or digital forms into computers, processing software, and databases.
  • Data Cleaning: Data cleaning and verification is another remote data entry job that you may find handy. It involves reviewing data for accuracy and completeness as you correct any errors and inconsistencies.
  • Organizing Information: You may also be tasked with organizing large amounts of data into spreadsheets or databases, ensuring information is categorized and retrievable.
  • Digitizing Data: Transforming data from physical documents like surveys or invoices into digital formats.
  • Transcribing: They may also involve converting audio recordings or handwritten notes into digital text formats.
  • Data Mining: Finally, data entry jobs also involve extracting information from websites, online sources, or other digital platforms to compile datasets or gather specific information.

Benefits of Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs come with several benefits for data entry specialists and organizations alike. For data entry specialists, these jobs are an easy way to earn money, as they often do not require specific qualifications or experience.

These jobs also come with unbeatable flexibility as you can choose to do them remotely or in person, and can be part-time, full-time, or freelance. Besides, they can help you improve your typing skills, concentration, and your attention to detail.

Businesses can also enjoy amazing benefits by choosing to meet their data entry needs out-house. Firstly, outsourcing these tasks can help businesses save money on training and overhead expenses. You do not need to onboard an in-house team.

Moreover, data entry jobs can help businesses improve their core efficiency by allowing them to focus on their core activities, such as manufacturing, AI development, or E-commerce.

Best Websites that Will Pay You for Data Entry Jobs

Here are a few websites where you can explore options for data entry jobs.

1. Upwork

Upwork is arguably your best platform for data entry assignments and a horde of other freelance opportunities. With over 1667 open data entry jobs available at any given time, Upwork offers an incredible platform if you want to earn some good money working from home.

One of the key features that set Upwork apart from other data entry job websites is its focus on matching businesses with skilled freelancers.

This means that businesses looking for data entry professionals can search for and hire freelancers based on their specific skills and experience, rather than simply choosing the lowest bidder.

For freelancers, this means that you have the opportunity to showcase your skills and experience and to be hired based on your qualifications rather than your price.

Key Features of Upwork:

  • Hosts freelance jobs of all types
  • Boasts of a global client base
  • Leverages secure and reliable payment systems
  • Mostly consist of reliable clients
  • You can set milestones and receive your payment once the milestone is completed and approved
Upwork - The World's Work Marketplace
Upwork – The World’s Work Marketplace

2. Freelancer

As the name suggests, Freelancer is another popular platform for freelancing gigs, and data entry is among the most popular here.

This platform functions as a hub connecting businesses with freelance talent, offering several data entry projects across various industries.

Like Upwork, Freelancer offers a platform where data entry specialists can connect with businesses that offer such tasks. It stands out as a go-to website for data entry due to its vast job marketplace and robust features tailored to freelancers.

Key Features of Freelancer:

  • A platform with nearly all types of online jobs
  • Has a global client base
  • Has a competitive bidding system
  • Both clients and freelancers can rate those they work with
  • Offers an array of skill tests and certifications
Freelancer - Find Freelance Jobs Online
Freelancer – Find Freelance Jobs Online

3. Fiverr

Fiverr carves a unique niche in the data entry job market. Unlike Freelancer and Upwork, this platform focuses on offering “gigs” – smaller, self-contained projects – that cater to a quick turnaround.

It’s ideal for those seeking flexible work or wanting to test the waters of data entry.

Notably, Fiverr’s magic lies in its simplicity. Freelancers create “gigs” outlining the data entry service they offer, detailing the scope, pricing, and delivery timeframe.

Key Features of Fiverr:

  • You can easily set up a gig detailing your services and also create multiple gigs
  • Convenience to define your rates
  • You can build trust with potential clients
  • Flexible turnaround times as you can easily set favorable deadlines
Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace
Fiverr – Freelance Services Marketplace

4. Clickworker

If you are looking for a platform that steps away from traditional job boards and enters the realm of microtasks, Clickworker is your kind of website.

This platform offers a unique way to earn money through a multitude of small, online tasks, including a significant number of data entry projects.

Clickworker stands out for its flexibility and variety. Unlike fixed job postings, Clickworker offers a constantly refreshed pool of microtasks, allowing you to choose projects that fit your schedule and preferences.

Data entry tasks can range from simple form-filling to product description creation.

Key Features of Clickworker:

  • Choose microtasks based on your availability
  • There is an endless stream of new data entry projects
  • The platform is pretty easy to navigate
  • You can receive your payouts 24 hours after your tasks are approved
  • There are a variety of tasks besides data entry

5. MegaTypers

While not as comprehensive as other platforms, MegaTypers occupies a unique niche in the data entry workspace. This website specializes in captcha entry tasks, those brief challenges that distinguish humans from bots.

Of course, captcha solving is a form of data entry, and this platform offers you opportunities to earn money from doing this.

Thus, if you are good at decoding captcha, this should be your ideal platform. While it’s not a traditional data entry job platform, it involves entering characters from images into a text box, contributing to data processing tasks.

If you have exceptional typing speed and a knack for deciphering sometimes-convoluted captcha text, MegaTypers could be a good fit.

However, the income potential can be lower compared to broader data entry websites.

Key Features of MegaTypers:

  • You earn based on the number of captchas solved correctly
  • Offers multiple payment options
  • You can refer friends and earn additional income
  • Provides training and support
  • You can generate a steady income with a bit of consistency

6. Internshala

Internshala carves a distinct space in this list, targeting Indian residents seeking data entry internships. This platform bridges the gap between students and organizations by providing a plethora of internship opportunities, including data entry roles.

Internshala stands out for its focus on internships. Thus, you can leverage the platform for both work experience and income.

Unlike freelance websites, internships provide structured learning opportunities and potential mentorship. However, it’s important to note that internships are typically temporary positions.

Key Features of Internshala:

  • Offers stipends or salaries for completed tasks
  • Emphasizes skill development through practical work experience
  • The platform is easy to use
  • Provides amazing career resources such as webinars, articles, etc.
Internshala - Website for Data Entry Jobs
Internshala – Website for Data Entry Jobs

7. Scribie

Scribie enters the data entry arena with a unique twist – transcription.

This platform offers opportunities for both data entry and audio/video transcription, allowing you to leverage your typing skills in various ways. Of course, this website will only allow you in if you can pass the qualification tests offered on your application.

Ideally, Scribie stands out for its versatility. While some projects involve straightforward data entry tasks, others delve into transcription, where you’ll meticulously convert audio or video recordings into written text.

This blend caters to individuals who enjoy both data entry’s accuracy focus and transcription’s challenge of deciphering spoken language.

Key Features of Scribie:

  • Expand your skillset with a mix of data entry tasks and transcription projects
  • Choose projects that fit your availability
  • Earn competitive pay for your completed projects
  • Navigate the platform easily to find and complete projects efficiently
  • Transcribers can earn money per audio minute transcribed
  • Rates vary based on audio quality and difficulty
Scribie - Human-Verified Audio/Video Transcription
Scribie – Human-Verified Audio/Video Transcription

8. Mturk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, often shortened to MTurk, is another incredible platform that you may consider for microtasks. This crowdsourcing platform from Amazon connects businesses with a global workforce to complete small, human-intelligence tasks (HITs) including a significant volume of data entry jobs.

MTurk shines for its sheer volume and variety. Unlike traditional job postings, MTurk offers a constantly updated pool of microtasks.

Here, data entry tasks can range from simple data categorization to product description writing.

It is a reputable platform for data entry jobs due to its task variety, flexibility, and global accessibility. While the pay for individual tasks can vary, MTurk remains a popular choice for individuals seeking micro tasking opportunities and remote work options.

Key Features of Mturk:

  • Offers a versatile variety of data entry tasks
  • Ideal for anyone looking for supplemental income
  • You can leverage the user ratings to build a reputation
  • Has global access to jobs and workers
Amazon Mechanical Turk
Amazon Mechanical Turk

9. Naukri.com

Another platform with a focus on the Indian market is Naukri.com. This leading Indian job portal offers a wide range of employment opportunities, including data entry jobs.

The website is renowned for its user-friendly interface, extensive database of job listings, and robust features that cater to both job seekers and employers.

Naukri.com shines for its regional focus. If you’re located in India and seeking data entry jobs, Naukri.com provides a targeted platform filled with relevant opportunities from Indian companies.

Unlike general job boards, Naukri understands the intrigues of the Indian job market, potentially leading to a better match for your data entry skills.

Key Features of Naukri.com:

  • A vast database of job listings updated daily
  • Resume-building tools and resources
  • Online job alerts for new data entry job postings
  • Employer reviews and ratings
  • Resources for interview preparation and career development

10. Indeed

Indeed emerges as a giant in the realm of job searching, and data entry positions are no exception. This comprehensive platform boasts a massive database of job listings, making it a powerful tool for finding data entry opportunities across various industries.

Indeed stands out for its sheer volume and searchability. With millions of job postings constantly updated, you’re likely to find data entry roles that align with your location, experience level, and desired industry.

Furthermore, Indeed’s advanced search filters allow you to refine your search with precision, ensuring you discover the most relevant data entry opportunities.

Key Features of Indeed:

  • Aggregated job listings from multiple platforms
  • Get a sense of potential salary ranges for data entry positions
  • Resources for interview preparation and career development
  • Mobile app access for job search and application on-the-go
Indeed - Job Search India
Indeed – Job Search India

11. Rev

Anyone who wants to make money through transcription, subtitling, and captioning will find Rev as a go-to platform. This platform goes beyond data entry to offer an amazing work-from-home opportunity that blends transcription with data entry tasks.

You will like it for its flexibility as it allows you to choose projects that involve both audio/video transcription and data entry elements. This makes it an ideal platform if you enjoy a varied workflow.

Rev is a reputable platform for freelancers interested in data entry-related work. On the other hand, organizations or individuals with transcription tasks will also enjoy the convenience of choosing between human and AI transcription services as the platform offers both.

Key Features of Rev:

  • Comes with web editing features
  • Easy-to-navigate platform
  • Offers training materials and guidelines to freelancers who want to improve their skills
  • Pays based on complexity and length of tasks
  • Choose projects whose schedules you can easily meet
  • Allows weekly payouts for completed assignments
Rev - Freelance Jobs
Rev – Freelance Jobs

12. FlexJobs

FlexJobs stands out as a curated job board specifically targeting data entry and other flexible work opportunities. Unlike general job boards with overwhelming listings, FlexJobs meticulously screens and handpicks remote and flexible jobs, ensuring quality over quantity.

This focus on quality curation is FlexJobs’s key strength. You’ll find legitimate data entry jobs with reputable companies, saving you time and frustration from weeding through scams or unsuitable positions.

FlexJobs also offers valuable resources like career coaching and webinars to help you excel in the work-from-home industry.

Key Features of FlexJobs:

  • Rigorous screening process for job listings
  • Skills tests and career coaching services
  • Flexible job options, including remote, freelance, and part-time positions
  • User-friendly interface and easy job application process.
FlexJobs: Remote Jobs
FlexJobs: Remote Jobs

13. DataPlus

Another reputable platform worth including in this review is DataPlus, which also stands out as a niche player in the data entry job market.

Besides data entry jobs, this platform also offers a variety of data management and reporting services. However, it still provides strong opportunities for data entry specialists.

You will like DataPlus for its data-centric specialization. Therefore, if you’re interested in a data-centric career path, this platform offers not only data entry jobs but also potential growth into data handling, reporting, or even programming roles.

This will certainly be appealing if you are seeking a stepping stone into the broader data field.

Key Features of DataPlus:

  • Provides data entry services, data capture, and database programming
  • Fast, accurate, and reasonable data entry services.
  • Accurate data entry from any format
  • Double key verification with a customized editor program
  • Integration of document scanning and business process outsourcing
DataPlus+ - Data Entry Services
DataPlus+ – Data Entry Services

14. Capital Typing

We end this review with another incredible platform, Capital Typing. This data entry services company offers remote data entry jobs that you can accomplish from anywhere.

Notably, this platform hires workers as independent workers. Capital Typing is a trusted platform for individuals seeking legitimate data entry opportunities, offering diverse services, stringent quality standards, and competitive compensation.

Its focus on data security and professional development makes it a perfect option for top professionals. The company provides various virtual office services, including data entry, transcription, translation, and secretarial services.

Notably, Capital Typing’s data entry services involve data extraction, research, database development and management, direct mail, and marketing services.

Key Features of Capital Typing:

  • Prioritizes data security and confidentiality
  • Provides flexible work arrangements
  • Offers competitive pay rates for completed tasks
  • Invests heavily in ongoing training and professional development
Capital Typing
Capital Typing

The data entry job market offers a gateway to work-from-home opportunities with flexible schedules and a chance to hone valuable skills. From established freelance marketplaces to specialized data platforms, there’s a website suited to your specific needs and preferences.

Whether you’re a seasoned data entry specialist or a newcomer to remote work, exploring these platforms can lead to rewarding opportunities and skill development.

Remember to prioritize clear information, transparent rates, and reputable platforms to embark on a successful data entry journey.

So, put your typing skills to the test and explore the possibilities of earning from the comfort of your home!

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