15 Best AI Research Tools You Need to Know in 2024

In this evolving world of research and academia, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prominent. More specifically, AI-driven tools are transforming the way you can discover, analyze, and extract information.

From simplifying the literature review process to improving the writing and data analysis, these AI research tools are revolutionizing the approaches to get your work done.

Therefore, in this guide, we will check out the top AI research tools.

1. Consensus

You can customize the way to discover and manage academic papers using the Consensus AI-based research tool that uses advanced AL algorithms to provide paper recommendations based on the specified research interests, which resultantly saves you time.

Moreover, the Consensus tool offers a user-friendly platform for organizing and storing your research library. So, whether you are a student or a professional researcher, utilize this tool for finding and fetching the relevant literature.

Consensus - Evidence-Based Answers
Consensus – Evidence-Based Answers

2. Paperal

Paperal can be utilized as your AI research assistant. This tool aims to smooth out the process of consumption of academic papers.

Moreover, Paperpal has the feature to extract essential insights, create concise summaries, and produce citation lists from the articles. This ultimately improves your research efficiency.

Additionally, it also allows you to absorb and reference research content without putting in any extra effort.

Paperal Academic Writing
Paperal Academic Writing

3. Trinka

Trinka is an AI-based editing tool that has been specifically designed for academic and research documents. It is considered an online language correction and grammar checker AI tool for academic and technical writing.

This AI tool makes sure that your research papers not only comprise well-researched information but also present in a professional manner.

Trinka - Advanced Grammar Checker for Academic
Trinka – Advanced Grammar Checker for Academic

4. Writesonic

Whether you need to write articles, reports, or any other kind of document, the Writesonic AI-based tool can be used for generating text based on your specified input prompts. This saves your time and extra effort consumed in the writing process.

More specifically, Writesonic assists researchers in creating top-notch and high-quality content.

WriteSonic AI Tool
WriteSonic AI Tool

5. Scholarcy

Scholarcy is a AI tool that is used to extract key information, generate summaries, and provide citation recommendations from the research papers. With the help of this tool, it becomes easy to grasp the core concepts of complex academic work.

Whether you want to stay updated in your academic field or conduct a literature review, use Scholarcy to improve your research efficiency.

Scholarcy - AI-powered Article Summarizer
Scholarcy – AI-powered Article Summarizer

6. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a robust language model developed by OpenAI. More specifically, researchers use this tool for generating texts, getting answers to the specified questions, and extracting explanations related to different topics.

This AI tool can assist you in drafting documents, exploring several subject matters, and clarifying complex concepts.

ChatGPT OpenAI
ChatGPT OpenAI

7. SciSpace

SciSpace is considered an all-in-one research writing platform that provides a suite of features for making the research process easier. It comprises tools for collaboration, research management, and AI-driven formatting.

This comprehensive approach guarantees that researchers can not only create high-quality content but also manage their courses and effectively collaborate with their teammates.

SciSpace - AI Chat for Scientific PDFs
SciSpace – AI Chat for Scientific PDFs

8. Quillbot

Quillbot AI tool can be unutilized for paraphrasing and improving the quality of your research documents. It improves the clarity and conciseness of the documents and allows researchers to create more engaging and effective written content.

So, whether you are looking to rephrase complex sentences or want to refine your research paper, utilize Quillbot to get the required work done.

QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool
QuillBot Paraphrasing Tool

9. ResearchRabbit

ResearchRabbit is an AI research assistant that makes it easy to discover and organize research papers. This AI tool automates the process of literature review and access to the most relevant resources.

If you want to facilitate literature exploration and organization, go for the ResearchRabbit tool!


10. ProofHub

ProofHub is a well-known project management and collaboration tool that can benefit you a lot. It provides a centralized platform for project management, tracking, and team collaboration.

Using this tool, you can effectively manage tasks, communicate with your project members, and effectively organize research-related activities.

ProofHub - AI Research Tool
ProofHub – AI Research Tool

11. Elicit

Elicit is another useful research management tool that is equipped with powerful data collection and analysis functionalities. It automates time-consuming research papers such as extracting data, summarizing papers, and synthesizing the findings.

If you are a researcher, use Elicit to manage and derive meaningful insights from your data and save your time and resources.

Elicit AI Research Assistant
Elicit AI Research Assistant

12. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is an AI-based PDF editor that is specifically designed for editing and adding annotation of PDF documents. It enables you to manage and fetch data from the research papers easily.

So, whether you need to add annotations, highlight key information, or extract data from the PDFs, use ChatPDF as an effective solution and handle extensive documents.

ChatPDF - Chat With Any PDF
ChatPDF – Chat With Any PDF

13. MagicSchool.ai

MagicSchool.ai platform is based on AI and machine learning. It comprises an extensive collection of courses and resources for helping the researchers stay updated on the latest advancements in this modern evolving field.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced researcher, utilize MagicSchool.ai to get valuable insights and knowledge for improving your expertise.

MagicSchool.ai - AI for Teachers
MagicSchool.ai – AI for Teachers

14. ReadCube Papers

ReadCube Papers is a robust research library and reference management tool. It helps researchers to organize and access their research literature efficiently.

This tool has several fantastic features such as PDF annotations, citation management, and integration with academic databases. If you want to make your research workflow more smooth, use this essential tool.

ReadCube Papers
ReadCube Papers

15. PDFgear

PDFgear is an AI-based PDF editor that comprises advanced text recognition and extraction functionalities. It simplifies the manipulation of PDF documents and makes data extraction and editing more efficient.

As a researcher, you can easily extract valuable information, convert PDFs to editable formats, and perform data analysis using this commendable tool.


In this modern era, information is abundant and our time is precious as well. So, in such a situation, using AI research tools became a necessity.

From tools such as Consensus and Scholarcy that can be utilized for the discovery and comprehension of academic papers to platforms like ProofHub that improve project management and collaboration, the options are diverse and designed to the diverse needs of researchers.

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