How to Disable Gutenberg and Use the Classic Editor in WordPress

WordPress released its latest version, 5.0 codenamed “Bebo”, with a new default content editor called Gutenberg – a simple page builder and content editor with support for advanced features like adding classes, setting background images, column count, etc.

And while Gutenberg is more efficient than its WordPress predecessor, not everyone is yet to make the switch just yet but most want to use WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”.

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There are 2 convenient ways to revert to using the classic TinyMCE while using the latest WordPress version and they are:

1. Classic Editor Plugin

From your plugin menu, search for and install Classic Editor. It will automatically deactivate Gutenberg on activation so you don’t have to worry about clashes.

You can switch to using Gutenberg by deactivating the Classic Editor Plugin or choosing to use both Gutenberg and Classic Editor at the same time. This option allows you to use either Gutenberg or the classic editor to edit your WordPress content.

The option setting is located in the Writing section.

Classic Editor Plugin Setting
Classic Editor Plugin Setting

Now, you can choose to edit posts with either the classic editor or block editor.

Classic Editor or Block Editor
Classic Editor or Block Editor

2. Disable Gutenberg Plugin

Like Classic Editor, Disable Gutenberg Plugin automatically replaces the block editor with its predecessor on activation.

It comes with a “Complete Disable” option which when disabled displays more options for different user roles, templates, and Post Types. Its menu is in together with options like General and Writing in the Admin Settings menu.

Disable Gutenberg Plugin - Complete Disable
Disable Gutenberg Plugin – Complete Disable

Both methods have an advantage over the other. Classic Editor enables you to use both editors at a single click while Deactivate Gutenberg enables you to disable the block editor in specified content areas. The method you choose is left to you to decide.

Do you prefer to use the now referred to as Classic Editor or is the new Block Editor perfect for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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