Manjaro 18.0 Released – What’s New in Manjaro Illyria?

Manjaro is an Arch Linux-based Operating System developed in Austria, Germany, and France with a focus on providing a beautiful user-friendly OS with the full power of Arch Linux to beginner computer users and experts at the same time.

If you are not already familiar with Manjaro Linux then the developers have recently given more reasons for you to by dropping its latest release, Manjaro 18.0, codenamed “Illyria“. This update brings both major and minor updates to the OS and makes its overall experience more pleasant.

It is fulfilling to see how well an OS that began as a hobby project has come this far with several UI scripts, support for NVIDIA’s Optimus technology, etc. right out of the box – features that come together to enhance its user experience.

For an overview of its features, check out the 10 Reasons to Use Manjaro Linux.

Here, we are discussing its latest features so without further ado, here is what’s new in Manjaro 18.0 “Illyria”.

The Desktop Environment

Manjaro’s flagship DE is XFCE and it ships with the latest version 4.13. Together with the overall improvements in the DE, XFCE does an excellent job of maintaining a beautiful eye-candy minimalist appearance and responsiveness when interacting with the system.

Manjaro 18.0 Desktop Preview
Manjaro 18.0 Desktop Preview

Manjaro has other versions including the KDE edition which ships with Plasma 5.14, Manjaro GNOME, and Community Editions.

The Kernel Manager

Manjaro’s settings manager provides a clean GUI that enables you to easily switch between kernel versions and it now supports more series that you can experiment with.

Its 8 kernel series ranging from 3.16 to 4.19 – convenient for those who enjoy tweaking their OS’s brain.

Display Profile

Display Profile is a new feature which allows you to store multiple profiles for different monitors and the profiles. What’s even cooler about this feature is that the profiles are automatically applied depending on the display you are connected to.

This makes the transition between using more than one monitor feel seamless.

Visual Improvements

Manjaro ships with a new theme called Adapta-Maia. Does Adapta sound familiar? We’ve covered several variants on the site.

Manjaro 18.0 with Adapta Theme
Manjaro 18.0 with Adapta Theme

Other Improvements

Manjaro ships with more bootsplash 584 themes, an updated pamac, Firefox, and support for more Netbooks. systemd now sets loglevel notice when quiet is set and usual upstream updates incl. python.

If you interested, you can see the complete list of improvements in the latest release here.

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Manjaro remains a rolling release so you don’t have to worry about performing a clean installation if you have an older version installed. Your OS version will continually be updated with the latest bug fixes, UX improvement, and features in the background.

What is your take on the latest Manjaro release? Which improvements do you hope to see next? Drop your comments and suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. The Adapta theme is not new; in fact it’s being depreciated. You read the release notes from earlier this year.

    In the article, you mention Xfce, but the screenshots are i3.


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