Tails 4.11 is Out With Major Security Vulnerability Fixes

The Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System) team recently announced the release of their latest version, Tails 4.11 with several major security vulnerability fixes added on top the numerous security holes fixed in Tails 4.10.

The Debian-based, live distro with the sole purpose of providing users with Internet anonymity by directing Internet traffic through the Tor network and at the same time, providing built-in tools for a secure work environment just received its latest release which has the primary focus of squashing bugs and toughening security.

The distro has received fixes to numerous major security issues that existed in earlier versions and the developers strongly encourage users to upgrade their versions to the latest immediately.

What Changes are in Tails 4.11?

  • Updated Linux to 5.7.17 for improved hardware support (WiFi, graphics, etc.).
  • Tor Browser has been upgraded to version 10.0.
  • Updated python3-trezor to 0.12.2 for compatibility with the new Trezor Model T.
  • Thunderbird has been upgraded to version 68.12.
  • KeePassXC uses the new default location Passwords.kdbx.

Fixes in Tails 4.11

  • The feature to turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot in the Wi-Fi settings has been disabled because it no longer works in Tails.

You can view the full changelog here.

Installing Tails 4.11

There is an automatic upgrade from Tails version 4.2 or later to 4.11 so you don’t have to worry yourself as an upgrade is already around the corner.

But, if for some reason you can’t perform an automatic upgrade then follow the instructions here for a manual installation.

To perform a new installation can follow the Tails Installation Assistant.

The next Tails version (4.12) has been scheduled for October 20. You can follow this link to see the roadmap for Tails’ upcoming releases.

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