13 Top WordPress Invoicing Plugins for Websites in 2024

Managing a business is never easy because selling stuff is not the only task you have to oversee. You also need to keep track of what your clients buy, which clients like what, which transactions were completed, whether refunds were requested, how much you spend vs how much you earn, etc.

It’s 2024 and e-commerce is on the rise. Of course, this can only get better. However the rise of e-commerce also calls for the need to streamline basic and repetitive online business practices, and invoicing comes at the top of the list.

And if your business is on WordPress, it’s time to say goodbye to juggling spreadsheets and handwritten bills.

Today, our focus is on managing invoices and payments because it is a vital part of every business and there are several plugins you can use on your e-Commerce WordPress site that automate your invoicing tasks while you concentrate on what matters most e.g. expanding your business.

These plugins go beyond simply creating invoices. They can conveniently manage your transactions, track payments, generate reports, accept payments, and maintain a professional image.

Even more, the best WordPress invoicing plugins can help you manage client information and sync your sales data with your accounting software.

Why Use Invoicing Plugins

Creating basic invoices is pretty straightforward. However, streamlining your entire WordPress invoicing process requires more than just an elementary template.

This is what WordPress plugins offer as they create your template and provide other amazing business solutions, including;

  • Topnotch Efficiency: You should no longer rely on spreadsheets and scattered data. WordPress invoicing plugins are the ultimate way to ensure that you manage all your invoices and client information in one place, providing you with efficiency at your fingertips.
  • Automate to Save Time and Money: Creating and sending invoices, tracking payments, and chasing late payments can take a lot of time and resources from your business when done manually. When you use the best WordPress plugins, you automate tasks and allows you to focus on vital activities of your business.
  • Customization for Professionalism and Brand Consistency: You can enhance the brand consistency and the appearance of your brand by customizing your invoices. This level of customization ensures that you showcase your identity, logo, and brand colors on every invoice, reinforcing brand recognition and trust among clients.
  • Integration and Scalability: Interestingly, many invoicing plugins integrate perfectly with other business tools. Thus, you should not make your plugin become an island and instead integrate it with the existing accounting software, CRMs, and project management tools. This ensures that your business data flows smoothly.
  • Client Convenience and Trust: When you streamline your invoicing, your clients will most likely have a positive experience.

Future Trends and Statistics in WordPress Invoicing

The following trends will shape the future of WordPress invoicing to improve user experience and efficiency.

  • According to Forrester Research, this will hasten invoice processing by up to 80%.
  • A PwC report insinuates that invoicing errors will reduce by up to 90% with the continued adoption of plugins.
  • Up to 87% of suppliers believe that invoice automation will improve customer relationships
  • Over 80% of organizations digitized their invoicing by 2023

Best WordPress Invoicing Plugins

Below is a list of the best WordPress Invoicing Plugins available to users in 2024.

They don’t all have the same features but you’ll find that they offer the essentials such as automatic tax deduction and tax reporting, payment schedule, a unified dashboard for managing payments, and support for several payment gateways.

1. Sliced Invoices

Sliced Invoices is a modern WordPress plugin that enables users to create and manage both quotes and invoices quickly and efficiently. Its features include invoice cloning and templating, automatic payment reminders for clients, and indexed line-entry items.

Features of Sliced Invoices:

  • Send emails to clients at the click of a button
  • Add your business logo and details to invoices & quotes
  • Import bulk CSV of quotes and invoices
Sliced Invoices Plugin
Sliced Invoices Plugin

It sliced invoices offers a range of paid plugins that add-on features like PDF invoices and quotes, dedicated client areas, additional payment gateways e.g. Braintree and 2Checkout, and recurring invoicing, among other features.

2. Sprout Invoices

User satisfaction is a key factor when choosing the best WordPress invoice plugins. And if this is a factor that comes at the top of your list, Sprout Invoices will undoubtedly be your invoicing plugin of choice.

It boasts one of the highest-rated plugins in its category, thanks to its focus on efficiency. Notably, Spout Invoices can conveniently handle complex requirements without any issues.

With its emphasis on scalability and adaptability, Sprout Invoices enables you to produce accurate estimates, issue invoices promptly, and offer versatile payment options.

Key Features of Sprout Invoices:

  • Offers automatic reminders on payment statuses
  • Allows timeline views for keeping track of past activities and future events
  • Intelligently handles repeating bills and unpaid balances
  • Deep extensibility through APIs and developer resources
  • Allows integration with hundreds of third-party business tools
  • Mobile responsiveness ensures an optimal viewing experience

Sprout Invoices is a fully-featured invoicing plugin for WordPress users to create unlimited invoices, and estimates, and manage client relations without any restrictions.

Its main features include no extra database tables, an improved UX with Ajax, nest line items, multi-currency support, customizable templates, support for integrations with tons of add-ons, client management, support for several payment gateways including PayPal and Stripe, etc.

Sprout Invoices - Plugin
Sprout Invoices – Plugin

3. WPForms

WPForms is an easy and powerful form plugin with a drag-and-drop builder for creating any type of form including ones for user registration, donations, quote requests, newsletters, payment collection, etc.

WPForms integrates nicely with both Stripe and PayPal and it has full support for accepting payments via credit and debit cards without you needing to use any eCommerce software or shopping cart plugins.

WPForms has optimized its contact forms for web and server performance, recognizing the crucial role of speed in SEO, marketing, and conversions.

Its other features include smart conditional logic, entry management, instant notifications, form templates, and mobile responsiveness.

WPForms Invoicing Plugin
WPForms Invoicing Plugin

4. Flexible Invoices

Flexible Invoices enables users to automate their daily work by delegating certain tasks to the WooCommerce store.

Flexible Invoices is fully compatible with VAT MOSS, integrates fully with EU VAT numbers and Flexible Invoices Advanced Reports, features the options to download invoices in bulk, to not automatically issue invoices on free orders, to automatically edit issued invoices, etc.

Flexible Invoices Plugin
Flexible Invoices Plugin

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an accounting plugin designed to enable small businesses to create professional invoices that are customizable with the company logo and personalized notes easily and quickly.

It features the ability to authenticate and collect recurring credit card payments, an automated system for reminding clients when payments are overdue, tax collection, discount codes, variable currency options, and a mobile app for on-the-go invoices.

Freshbooks - Invoicing Plugin
Freshbooks – Invoicing Plugin

6. GetPaid

GetPaid, a popular invoicing plugin for WordPress users that focuses on helping businesses create professional invoices and accept online payments in a breeze.

It is an incredible option if you are looking for a user-friendly and affordable invoicing solution.

Even more, it offers various payment options, supports multiple payment gateways, and provides customization and integration capabilities.

Key Features of GetPaid:

  • You can conveniently create customizable payment forms
  • Allows you to accept offline payments in cash, bank transfer, or check
  • Provides insights into your invoices
  • You can add paid addons to boost functionality

It keeps track of your clients and even goes a step further to ensure customer satisfaction.

For example, WP Invoicing creates a unique email with a brief link and description that they can follow in order to review transactions and process payments through PayPal, Stripe, Interkassa, etc.

WPGetPaid offers a free core version with basic features and paid add-ons for advanced functionalities.

WPGetPaid Plugin
WPGetPaid Plugin

7. WooCommerce PDF Invoices

WooCommerce PDF Invoices is a powerful invoicing plugin that aims to help users convert time into money using its automatic and easily manageable invoicing system.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices features include customizable invoices, invoice numbering, advanced table content, automatic generation, periodic billing, bulk generation and export of PDF invoices, custom font support, custom fields and support for integration with several WordPress add-ons, email invoicing, etc.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices
WooCommerce PDF Invoices

8. WP-Invoice

WP-Invoice is a robust billing and invoicing WordPress plugin with which users can create, edit, customize, and send itemized invoices to customers without having to leave the WordPress dashboard.

Its features include discount line items, a receipt page, an invoice log, custom payment entry, recurring payments, invoice notification and reminders, receipt templates, support for several payment gateways, etc.

WP Invoice - Plugin
WP Invoice – Plugin

9. WooCommerce

With over 7 million active installations, you can trust WooCommerce WordPress plugin for businesses of all sizes. Thus, both individual entrepreneurs and established enterprises will find it a perfect fit for their invoicing activities.

Key Features of WooCommerce:

  • You can efficiently add, manage, and showcase an interesting range of products into the invoice.
  • Highly customizable and enhances uniqueness.
  • Offers an array of shipping options.
  • You can automate your tax calculations.
  • Features consistent security updates.

While WooCommerce pricing itself is free and open-source, you may need to purchase hosting, themes, templates, and domains, among others.


10. EDD Invoices

Unlike WooCommerce which offers a range of e-commerce solutions, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) Invoices is a dedicated WordPress invoice plugin. It stands out for its ability to offer seamless and efficient digital product invoicing.

Ideally, you can also leverage other solutions within the EDD ecosystem to ensure that you streamline your business operations to manage transactions more efficiently.

It allows customers to print or download PDF versions of invoices for the digital items that they purchase. These attractive invoices can include names, addresses, and tax IDs. Notably, you can also update your billing details on demand.

Key Features of EDD Invoices:

  • Provides automated invoicing for digital products
  • Offers customizable templates for your invoices
  • Integrated with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Enables detailed transaction tracking
  • Supports various currencies
  • Can work on up to 10 devices

EDD Invoices come free on the creator plan. However, you will get a variety of pricing options depending on the number of domains you intend to use it on.

Easy Digital Download
Easy Digital Download

11. WP Simple Pay

WP Simple Pay is the ideal WordPress invoicing plugin that allows website owners to easily accept online payments, including credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

WP Simple Pay is an independent plugin for Stripe payments, designed to seamlessly integrate Stripe with WordPress. It eliminates the need for a complex store setup or reliance on e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce.

With just a few straightforward steps, users can swiftly set up and start utilizing payment forms to accept credit cards and various payment methods via Stripe on their WordPress site.

Key Features of WP Simple Pay:

  • Seamlessly accepts one-time and recurring payments via Stripe.
  • Supports various payment types
  • Includes a drag-and-drop form builder
  • Enables scheduling of payment forms
  • Facilitates adding optional free trials for subscriptions.
  • Handles automatic billing cycles for ongoing charges
  • Utilizes strong security measures provided by Stripe
  • Can recover failed payments with retries

The core plugin is available for free, however, WP Simple Pay offers 4 tiers of paid versions starting from $49.50 annually.

WP Simple Pay
WP Simple Pay

12. Easy Invoice

Anyone looking for efficiency and convenience in creating invoices for their WordPress e-commerce sites should consider Easy Invoice. This plugin stands out for its ease of use, extensive customizability, and a broad range of supported features.

The plugin also comes with an interesting range of free and paid plugins, making it a good pick if you want to cover all the vital WordPress invoicing needs.

More interestingly, you will not need to worry about WordPress theme compatibility as this plugin is compatible with all the WP themes that you can think about.

Key Features of Easy Invoice:

  • Unlimited invoice and quotation creation.
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Ability to attach PDF invoices to emailed communications.
  • Customer portal where clients can view and manage their invoices.
  • Support for international markets with multilingual translations
  • Detailed tracking of invoice history and statistics

While Easy Invoice is a freemium version, you can consider Easy Invoice PRO for premium features.

Easy Invoice Plugin
Easy Invoice Plugin

13. JetPack CRM

Just like we started this countdown on a high, we ended it on a high with another versatile WordPress plugin.

Of course, JetPack CRM remains one of the most popular WordPress plugins for freelancers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and agencies looking to include a comprehensive business plugin into their e-commerce sites.

It provides businesses and freelancers with a simple and user-friendly CRM solution directly within their WordPress environment. JetPack CRM basic plan starts at $11 per month when billed annually.

Key Features of JetPack CRM:

  • Allows you to keep detailed business records
  • Can conveniently track deals and opportunities
  • Allows you to create and assign tasks
  • It provides an intuitive email integration
  • Has a user-friendly interface
Jetpack CRM Plugin
Jetpack CRM Plugin

After examining various WordPress invoicing plugins, it becomes evident that selecting the right one requires careful consideration of individual needs, goals, and technological landscapes.

Each plugin brings something valuable to the table, showcasing how developers continue innovating ways to address modern entrepreneurial concerns effectively.

The future trends discussed highlight the ongoing commitment of developers to enhance user experiences and adapt to the ever-changing digital environment.

From blockchain integration for heightened security to the potential use of virtual and cryptocurrency payments in e-commerce, innovation is poised to shape the invoicing landscape in the years ahead.

We hope you can choose a good pricing plugin for your needs.

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