The 5 Best Cross-Platform Team Chat Software for PC

The most important aspect of every successful business or an organization is communication flow. It should be continuous, flawless, and timely. Certainly, there are some old classic channels like emails and messages which can help in establishing communication however what they lack is rapidity. Whereas, swift and instant messengers like chat software can help in overcoming this lag and establish business and professional communication better and efficiently.

Therefore, when a team or an organization workgroup is created, it should be well equipped with all the necessary channels and platforms to communicate effectively in no time. Apart from good infrastructure and facilities, there should also be a provision to share ideas, imaginations, reviews, and contentious views as well.

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To serve such requirements, the best and the most trusted platform is a topnotch chat software that not only provides a smooth communication but also success to the organization and the team.

Through this article, we will discuss some of the best cross-platform team chat software, to know more, keep reading!

1. Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-oriented instant messenger that is gathered with all the essential features such as file sharing, one to one chats, group chats and so on.

The best part about using this chat software is that it takes an auto backup of all your chats so that you do not have to do that manually. Besides, this free of cost software provides support for 10 scheduled messages for 3 users with 2 recurrences and a maximum lag of 5 minutes.

Telegram - Team Chat Software
Telegram – Team Chat Software

2. Slack

Slack chat application comes with a clean and stylish interface. It allows you to carry out quick chats with your team accompanied by the Slackbot that lets you set reminders, sync with Alexa and Siri, and customize commands. It offers support to productivity suits and business customizations depending upon the requirements.

This freeware houses no ads and no limits for the users, you can add as many users as you want with this chat application. The paid plans, on the other hand, give a more advanced experience along with the storage space. The software works well with iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and Windows without much variations amongst the platforms.

Slack - Team Chat Software
Slack – Team Chat Software

3. Discord

Discord is equipped with a robust chat room and streamer mode that comes built-in, due to which this application is capable enough to stand against other popular software in the market like Skype.

Unlike other chat applications, discord is not that formal and you just need to create the username to join its server. Additionally, there is no need to create a separate personal and professional login, the same one will work for the whole platform.

It allows you to set up separate channels for different topics and join them without any hassle or fuss. This flawless and reliable chat application works great with all the major platforms like Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Discord - Team Chat Software
Discord – Team Chat Software

4. Riot

Riot extremely flexible chat application lets you communicate the way you want. It is backed with all those essential features that an efficient chat application should have. Riot is housed with powerful integrations that allow you to chat with the users of other chat applications.

It offers complete communication so that you can seamlessly share files, chat, make video and voice calls, etc. It is safe and secure which ensures all your communication is encrypted and private.

This open-source application is built on Matrix which lets you host your own server and lastly, it can be synced with all your devices so that you can access your data anytime and anywhere.

Riot - Team Chat Software
Riot – Team Chat Software

5. Signal

Signal free instant messenger makes it possible for you to communicate from anywhere smoothly without any hassle and disturbances. It allows you to make HD audio and video calls, send and receive messages, and explore all those vital features which are important for you to stay connected.

With this chat application, you can ensure encrypted and secure communication, revert, and send messages quickly without any fear of messages being tracked, update address book and phone numbers of your teammates to communicate actively.

Signal - Team Chat Software
Signal – Team Chat Software

Clearly, chat applications provide a great, fast, and efficient way to communicate with other users at both professional and personal levels. In this fast driven and rapidly changing world it is important to interact well and in time, if you want to be successful and take your business to another level.

Though we still have communication channels like emails in place they certainly take more time and effort to establish communication. But, chat software on the bright side makes it possible for you to communicate faster than the speed of light.

Therefore, we have curated this list of 5 best cross-platform team chat software which will help you create safe and fast communication, in sync with time!

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