15 Dark Web Websites You Won’t Find on Google (2024)

Explore the shadows of the internet, where secrecy and mystery reign. The dark web is a mysterious and misinterpreted hidden world that exists beneath the surface of the regular internet.

In contrast to the normal websites we interact with daily, these websites provide a unique level of privacy and secrecy, operating over encrypted networks. These features distinguish it from the general internet and provide a unique digital environment with a separate set of regulations and difficulties.

It prioritizes anonymity, unindexed information, access to restricted materials, and specialized software requirements. Due to this web’s unindexed nature, normal search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo do not list its web pages. Their intentional absence from these popular search engines enhances their covert appeal.

Disclaimer: Links to specific dark web domains are not available in this post. It does not support or encourage investigating the dark web; rather, it is meant purely for informative purposes.

Our objective is to emphasize the significance of using caution and awareness when exploring the internet world while illuminating the complicated nature of this hidden digital environment.

Together, let us explore the mysteries and dangers of the dark web while aiming at educating and informing without supporting or permitting direct access to its contents.

Dark websites can only be accessed by those with unique addresses and have the means to access them unlike ordinary websites that are indexed and easily accessible to all users through search engines

The apparent risks associated with the dark web include the exposure of users’ personal and sensitive information such as credit/debit card numbers, nefarious entities that could jeopardize the security of the users, and criminal activities such as cybercrime, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

Caution is paramount when navigating this hidden digital world due to the potential of leaking confidential information and other threat factors.

WARNING: Exploring the dark web without safeguards leaves your IP address and location vulnerable, increasing the chances of identity theft and malware infiltration. Ensure your protection by activating your VPN and antivirus prior to accessing the dark web.

1. ProPublica

ProPublica is a renowned investigative journalism organization known for its uniqueness in that it is accessible to users anonymously on both the dark and surface webs.

This is particularly beneficial to users who are victims of dictatorship governments. For users seeking unbiased information on topics such as child labor and fraudulent politicians, then this is your go-to resource. To address a wider audience, this site publishes new articles in both English and Spanish.

In addition, ProPublica is a not-for-profit, independent journalism organization focused on providing investigative journalism with ethics as a priority goal.

The site comprises a team of more than 150 editorial staff members addressing important issues such as abuse of authority and betrayal of public trust.

This investigation by this site has been influential in the reversal of bad laws, the passing of new laws, and political leaders being held accountable at various levels.

This organization’s endeavors to find the truth without a care for how long they take or how much they take are primarily funded by donations.

ProPublica was founded in 2007–2008 and continues its focus on eradicating corruption, creating awareness among the public on complex topics, and employing the power of investigative journalism to drive change.

2. Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub is a project in contemporary science whose main goal is to offer unrestrained, free access to scientific knowledge. It was originally a tool for obtaining journal articles and currently has 88,343,822 research papers and books available for free download and reading.

The initiative has been helpful to millions of individuals around the globe, including those in developed nations, by widely providing knowledge that was initially too expensive. With the support of the scientific community, students, physicians, journalists, and others Sci-Hub is an important resource for health-related information.

Additionally, this tool encourages economical access to knowledge, opposing outrageous expenses and monopolistic practices in academic publishing.

Sci-Hub prioritizes lawfulness in its practices and helps solve serious human rights violations in the academic publishing industry, despite legal challenges and access limitations that they face in some countries.

3. KeyBase

Keybase is a secure chat and file-sharing app designed to help friends and acquaintances securely share information, particularly via the Tor network.

Its functionalities are similar to popular messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp, which provide end-to-end encryption to protect users’ confidential conversations.

This tool uses public key cryptography to provide protected communication privacy from within the platform. Users are guaranteed the protection and privacy of their data when collaborating, exchanging files, and interacting with communities as they navigate the site.

Keybase’s features such as password protection, message expiration settings, and the ability to send “exploding” messages further enhance the security of data exchanged on the network.

Additionally, Keybase may be used using the Tor network, enabling even more anonymity and security.

4. Ahmia

Ahmia is a web search engine, designed to provide the best way to access services via the Tor anonymity network. Ahmia’s main objective is to make Onion services accessible to a wider range of users by offering a search engine for the area widely referred to as the “deep web” or “dark net“.

The project is seen as a significant and reliable distributed platform for privacy and anonymity around the globe. In addition, it also emphasizes on dissemination of insightful information, news, and significant statistics regarding the Tor network and project, making it an actively maintained free and open-source initiative.

Ahmia is fully focused on removing abusive content and keeping track of a blacklist of abusive operations. It also has connections to groups that support it.

It is also connected to groups that support technology that empowers freedom and transparency. Despite its access over the surface web, users must take precautionary steps to secure their data and privacy.

It also shows that many of Ahmia’s search results can be dubious or illegal, and users are strongly advised to explore these results cautiously and anonymously.

5. Imperial Library

The Imperial Library was originally founded on September 1st, 1998 as Xanathar’s Library solely focuses on the Elder Scrolls and Dragonlance literature.

It is currently the biggest and most prominent website dedicated to Elder Scrolls mythology, with over 7,000 publications stored in its digital library.

The Imperial Library provides access to a wide selection of digital books, it goes beyond comic books to include other kinds of media. Currently, this digital library adheres to and warns against copyright violations and offers access to about 1,500,000 journals.

Users are urged to hide their IP addresses by employing NordVPN to reduce accidental breaches.

6. Riseup

Riseup is a dark web website that prioritizes user privacy and safeguards against harmful attacks and government intervention. This platform provides secure email and chat options.

However, to access this website one needs an invitation code that can only be acquired by connecting with an existing user.

Riseup insists on the dangers and limitations associated with relying on corporate email providers for privacy because of their data policies and compliance with legal requirements.

The company’s features such as its unwillingness to log customers’ IP addresses, encryption of all user data, and proactive defense against potential security threats are proof of its dedication to private and secure communication.

Furthermore, the self-governing Seattle-based organization, Riseup Collective is committed to establishing a free society and offering communication tools to allies dedicated to fighting tyranny.

In a bid to create an alternative communication infrastructure that will challenge and eventually replace the established system, they support collective ownership and democratic control over information and technology, which will allow groups and individuals to be at the forefront of their liberation efforts.

7. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, an alternative to conventional search engines that prioritizes anonymity is a dark web search engine that also functions on the surface web.

It is a good choice for increasing privacy as it does not gather or share user’s personal information compared to other websites.

Its features such as its ability to display onion links that may be used to access the dark web are what differentiate it from other surface webs. The company’s privacy protection is trusted by millions of users for a range of online activities, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to confidentiality.

The platform’s growth and development since its launch in 2008 show how dedicated it is to protecting user privacy and encouraging a more private and secure online environment.

8. OnionLinks

Both OnionLinks, just like the Hidden Wiki are an extensive list of active dark web sites providing access to a wide variety of services and content categories, such as secure access to cryptocurrency wallets and encrypted email clients.

It is critical to exercise caution while interacting with this site because even though it offers helpful tools for people investigating the dark web, not all links may be completely secure.

The Tor network, which serves as the host of these onion websites, offers important security features like IP address masking and traffic encryption.

However, it’s vital to be mindful of the fact that the dark web may contain illegal activities and potentially unsettling content, such as child pornography.

9. The CIA

The CIA was founded in 1947 to provide decision-makers with unbiased information regarding foreign nations and international affairs, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the main U.S. agency for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence.

Although it’s not a law enforcement agency, it works on sensitive national security issues with other authorities. Following the orders of the President, the CIA gathers foreign intelligence, carries out covert operations, and conducts unbiased analysis.

It is an independent information source that does not offer suggestions for public policy. The organization supports confidential interaction and gives users access to resources and information while protecting their identity thanks to its presence on Tor.

Employing a high-level VPN enables secure contact with the CIA and other organizations on the dark web by adding an extra layer of data encryption.

10. Deep Web Radio

Deep Web Radio is a digital radio station developed especially for the dark web community. It provides a wide range of music streams to users giving them a soundtrack to go with them as they explore the dark web’s depths, that can only be accessed over Tor.

There is content for all listeners as there is a wide range of music genres to choose from on eleven distinct channels. Via Tor, Deep Web Radio provides a unique and comprehensive listening experience, perfect for exploring the mysterious depths of the dark web or simply searching for alternative genres.

11. ZeroBin

Zerobin is a free and open-source online Pastebin with a minimalistic style intended for secure communication via the dark web. It operates on the “zero knowledge” principle, which states that the pasted data is encrypted and decrypted in the browser using 256-bit AES encryption and that the server is not accessible to it.

This enables users to exchange messages and photos without the risk of their actions being watched or traced. After users copy and paste an image or message into ZeroBin’s editor and upload it; the platform then creates a shareable link.

It allows password-protecting the link or setting to expire after reading to enable users to enhance the degree of secrecy and protection for important conversations.

12. SecureDrop

SecureDrop is a secure platform where whistleblowers and journalists can exchange information anonymously especially when using the dark web, where anonymity is vital.

To enable secure communication with sources, several well-known news outlets and publishers, such as The Financial Times and The Washington Post, have developed their SecureDrop URLs.

News organizations can obtain tips and information discreetly and safely thanks to its open-source whistleblower submission system, which minimizes metadata, protects data in transit and at rest, and defends against hackers.

News outlets can employ SecureDrop as a secure communication system with the help of extensive documentation and assistance, despite the fact the installation process can be complex.

13. Wesabi Wallet

Wasabi Wallet is a well-known and secure platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency coins on the dark web. It is open-source and free, permitting almost anybody to contribute and verify the code.

Its “coinjoin” feature enables combining many cryptocurrencies in a single transaction which enhances funds security and tracking is made difficult. To enhance the security of customer’s digital assets, Wasabi Wallet is a non-custodial service, guaranteeing that users have sole access to their private encryption keys.

14. Tunnels

The Tunnel networks of Large American universities have attracted notice as a distinct phenomenon on the dark web. The “adventures” of urban explorers who dare to enter these prohibited locations are documented on these websites.

Considering how hazardous and unlawful it is to enter these tunnels, it is assumed that the explorers decided to host their blogs on the dark web to remain anonymous and avoid any possible legal ramifications.

Despite its appeal, it’s crucial to highlight the possible risks associated with the dark web. It’s not always a safe haven, but it can be fascinating. As a result, it is highly recommended that you put your personal protection first by using a reliable antivirus program like Norton.

The antivirus program from Norton provides dark web tracking and real-time threat detection providing essential protection for users navigating the dark web.

15. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki provides a unified directory of links to various dark web websites, acting as the dark web’s version of Wikipedia. It serves as an exhaustive list of dark web sites with information on a variety of issues, such as conspiracy theories and other specialized areas.

On the other hand, caution is advised when interacting with this site since it contains links to websites that might engage illegal content. Before accessing any links, users are advised to carefully read the descriptions to prevent viewing any possibly harmful or unlawful content.

Notably, because The Hidden Wiki is linked to such controversial material, organizations like the FBI and the hacker collective Anonymous have attacked it online.

Tips for Safely Accessing the Dark Web

Here are some of the safety tips on accessing the dark web.

1. Using Secure Browsers

Enhancing Your online privacy and security can be greatly improved by using secure browsers like Tor. This is very critical when accessing the dark web.

Tor, which stands for “The Onion Router“, is a tool that makes it impossible for someone to track down your online activity by encrypting your internet traffic and directing it through a network of servers.

While browsing the dark web, this extra layer of security can assist protect your identity and private data. Visit the official Tor website to find out more information and to download the browser.

You may explore the dark web more comfortably and navigate with better peace of mind if you use secure browsers.

2. Using VPNs and TorNetwork

Using the Tor network while paired with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can greatly increase user’s online security and privacy when it comes to securely accessing the dark web.

By encrypting internet traffic and passing it through a trusted intermediary server, a VPN can help you stay safer when browsing the dark web by hiding the fact that users are using Tor.

For users to protect their data, one must choose a reliable VPN service provider that supports user privacy and has a rigorous no-logs policy.

Top VPN choices for the dark web include ExpressVPN and PureVPN, which provide strong security features and dependable performances, and NordVPN, renowned for its quick speeds, no-logging policy, and Tor over VPN servers.

By combining the additional layer of security provided by a VPN with the anonymity of the Tor network, users may browse the dark web with more confidence.

3. Avoiding Suspicious Links and Downloads

Users must exercise caution when surfing dark web websites to minimize hazards. A vital piece of information for securely using the dark web is to avoid dubious downloads and links.

It is well known that the dark web hosts a variety of content, including illegal and perhaps hazardous materials. Consequently, it’s critical to exercise caution and refrain from downloading files or clicking on links from unknown or dubious sources.

To minimize the chance of coming into contact with dangerous software, fraud, or other illicit activity that is common on the dark web users must be cautious and avoid interactions with dubious content.

Making safe browsing a top priority is essential for a secure and knowledgeable dark web experience.


Users can have a glimpse of the mysterious digital world through hidden. onion sites, that provide a universe of wonder and curiosity on the dark web. Even though there may be some attractions related to the dark web, users should prioritize their safety and use caution while browsing on the dark web.

Accessing the dark web with the most piece of mind can be achieved by combining the anonymity of the Tor network with the extra security offered by reliable VPNs like ExpressVPN, PureVPN, and NordVPN.

Strong encryption, features tailored for Tor users, and a dedication to customer privacy make these VPNs invaluable companions for secure dark web exploration.

In addition, browsing on secure browsers such as Tor can improve online privacy and security a great deal, giving you an additional layer of security when navigating the anonymous web.

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